Tytuł orginalny: Star Wars: Knights Of The Old Republic - Days Of Fear, Part 3 #15kotor 15
Scenariusz: John Jackson Miller
Rysunki: Dustin Weaver
Kolory: Michael Atiyeh
Litery: Michael Heisler
Projekt okładki: Brian Ching, Michael Atiyeh
Data wydania: Marzec 2007
EAN: 76156812857401511
Liczba stron: 32
Papier: kredowy
Okładka: miękka
Wydawnictwo: Dark Horse Comics
Wymiary: 170x260 mm
Orientacyjna waga: 66g
Cena z okładki: 2,99 USD


Teamed with the neurotic starship thief SLYSSK, fugitive Padawan ZAYNE CARRICK and his gangster partner GRYPH find themselves where they least wanted to be—back at the REPUBLICs battlefront with the warlike MANDALORIANS!

Gryph and Slyssk take to the situation right away, running a flying commissary for the Republic sol-diers who are setting up defensive installations on SERROCO. But Zayne worries the defenses are too close to the cities of the world's native population, the downtrodden STEREB.

When a Force premonition warns Zayne that the Mandalorians will bombard the world with nuclear weapons the next evening, he determines to wam the Republic's ADMIRAŁ KARATH. But what he doesn't know is that Karath believes Zayne is a Mandalorian spy...

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